The gaze and curiosity

la mirada curiosa

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the School of Art and College of Design of Burgos present next May 23 the project “The gaze and curiosity”. It is a joint initiative in which the creations of the school students will be displayed in the windows shop of thirty shops in the capital.
The aim of the project is provide a dynamic commercial activity and “visibility” to the works of students.

Thanks to all the students that with their enthusiasm and time provides the coordination and realization of this project.

You can participate by voting the work that you like by following these instructions:

How to vote: messages received from May 23 to June 6 on page

With the QR code printed on PVC

Click on the button on the page. Artist and trade in which it is exposed. One vote per person


Award artist: iPad Retina Screen

Trade Prize: iPad Retina Screen

Award for a “fan” on facebook to vote: iPad mini